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Electric pencil sharpener for unpacking
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Today I bring you is a brief of 0502 electric pencil sharpener for unpacking. Speaking ashamed, the pencil sharpener is za UP when purchased, but hasn"t been done out of the article
Recently because of the color lead paint and doing so for sharpening pencils have again just need

In fact the electric cutting pen knife not I for the sake of convenience to buy, but the za sharpening device share equipment so I can"t find it at that time don"t have no way to make a map in welfare group on cheap to buy such a thing
When it comes to the amount of times I not said before buy battery charger saucepans C606 also want to buy, because it has the balance charge measurement functions, the set of charging capacity count when I buy when you get on a map in the group of the beginning the battery is not the amount of times, it is a manufacturer of ni-mh battery called force strong, nominal capacity, 1300, 1800, the results once I ran out of battery power using C606 charging the results after filling in more than 400 mah capacity, obviously wrong. Results a carefully later found aye 🐴 measurement, the battery even if is full of you immediately discharge also can put out 550 mah capacity, and nominal don"t fit. Za heaven cat to apply for a refund later showed finally is not supported, so can"t I contacted some electronic DIY enthusiasts try complaints went unheard... So in the end we can only leave evidence and write good articles to avoid stepping on the thunder

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