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  Have to say that people are really very talented, when we were small cutting pencil with a knife cut directly, then there is that kind of small cutting pen knife is very good, sharpening a knife is shaking now, also is not very cheap, need more than ten dollars. With luck, eight dollars can also to buy. But our family manual sharpener, bad three children have been used. The main reason is that he likes, nothing like, also don"t know after recovery, mainly is easily broken.

I just want to help children learn to buy other products, said the child, then to buy him a electric paring knife, the first child after the cut a knife, then why do I still feel so expensive, looks no difference, then look at the original it is electric. Electrodynamic sharpening a knife is very convenient. Under his base to put on, then put two v battery and then put the pencil on top mouth drops out of the can, when put our hands gently press the slightly. Pen, and then it will automatically sharpen it automatically stops after good, compared to voice is light and not very noisy. And really is super fast.

I looked at it and probably two or three seconds can be cut up a pencil. Manual cutting pen knife before at least a minute, this also is greatly save the time. The most main is very attractive to children, will be very like, pen knife is, of course, he sharpen pen knife is easy to bad, look at the instructions say if pencil easy broken inside the tool rest is not very well, will be in rest, but I don"t know where to buy the tool slide. Early know should ask the shopkeeper before is better, but wait to rest bad, children have no, because a sharpening a knife to not take long before.

Cut the appearance of the pen knife also is very good, is not very take a place, a little bit to me it feels like the appearance of humidifier, I still love it. And after the main have cut a knife, the child"s learning completely with interest, this is ok like used cut a knife, seems to have got a fun thing to attract him.

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