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Two simple electric pencil sharpener
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Purchase reason
Kid is going to go to school in the home, school pencil is necessary article, in order to more convenient cutting pencil, is going to buy an electric pencil sharpener try, always said Japan"s pencil sharpener is good, but saw a homebred capable also to meet the demand, the kind of entanglement which model to buy, wanted to see if there are any evaluation on worth buying, but pencil sharpener as little, that I will to contribute an original, both bought, compare, for your reference.

Comparison of main products (all is to use battery, can adjust of the pencil thickness, for the use of write a draw, electric pencil sharpener) :
Effective 0502 pencil sharpener VS yi beauty pencil sharpener

Appearance of the contrast
The individual feels packaging and appearance is not too will affect factors to buy a pencil sharpener
Both outsourcing, strength is a square box, yi is the beauty of the translucent rectangle box, has a positive image can adjust the thickness
Has warned that, on the back, after all, is the cutting tool, the reminder is very necessary

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