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XHCP Electric Pencil Sharpener, Suitable for Classroom Offices, 2B Pencils and Colored Pencils with USB/AA Batteries Can Quickly
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  • ★1.Heavy-duty and durable spiral knife-the electric sharpener takes only 8 seconds and automatically stops working at a perfect point. It can grind pencils with a diameter of 6-8mm, colored pencils, charcoal pencils, etc.
  • ★2.Automatic and automatic safety features-hold the pencil while gently inserting the pencil into the entrance of the shaver. After completing or opening the lid, the electric sharpener will automatically stop working
  • ★3.Electric pencil sharpener-powered by 4 AA batteries (excluding batteries), AC or USB. Flexible and convenient, can be used anywhere, easy to carry
  • ★4.Large capacity design, easy to clean-Large capacity chip storage, open the top cover to pour out pencil shavings. It can sharpen the pencil more than 3,000 times. When closed, the arrow on the lid needs to be aligned with the arrow on the right side of the pencil sharpener
  • ★5.Compact design-large-capacity chip storage can accommodate a large amount of chip. Use another brush for easy cleaning. The non-slip mat at the bottom makes it quiet during use.

Electric pen heavy blade spiral automatic stop pencil color pencil USB battery-powered classroom office home studio

The entrance of the razor with a diameter of 6-8mm can prevent children's fingers from entering, so as not to cause injury.
Features of electric pencil sharpener:
Material: ABS, PC
Size: 8x13.5cm
Weight: 215g
Pen diameter: 8mm
Color: pink
Package Included:
1x electric pencil sharpener
1x operating instructions
1 power adapter
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