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XHCP Pencil Sharpener, Electric Multifunctional Automatic Pencil Sharpener for Elementary School Stude
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  • ★1. The perfect combination of aesthetic design and high-quality materials. Our unique rotating screw design ensures that the perfect point is always provided without the need for sharp tips.
  • ★2. Writing and drawing, a machine on site, we strive to integrate each part and detail to provide a better pen experience.
  • ★3. Alloy steel blade, strong and durable, durable material, smooth pins, wear-resistant, not easy to break, good material can touch the process.
  • ★4. Timing light pen, rotate 3 times after sharpening, use the pen to make the book smooth, feel more comfortable when writing.
  • ★5. Overheating inhibits intelligent shutdown. If the temperature is too high, the first machine can continue to work, can intelligently stop running, slow down the aging of the machine and extend the life of the machine.

Welcome to my store, we strive to create perfect and happy shopping for customers. We have a variety of pencil sharpeners to choose from.
If a pencil sharpener is used, or the pencil sharpener is not cut correctly, or a colored pencil is used, the broken core is easily caught in the pencil sharpener, making it impossible to cut other pencils. In this case, simply remove the knife holder assembly (remove the knife holder assembly counterclockwise), carefully check the pen slot, and then use the needle to remove the stuck lead.
Pencil sharpeners always keep the appearance neat and can be used on all types of desktop computers. Simple music style will be added to the desktop.
Name: Intelligent electric pencil sharpener.
Material: ABS plastic.
Size: 18*9.5*9.5mm
Uses: schools, offices, sketches, etc.
Packing: packed.
Weight: 0.46 kg
Features: cute cartoon appearance, automatic pen.
Tip: Do not cut soft pens, such as crayons or pastels.

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