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XHCP 2-Hole Children's Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy-Duty Helical Steel Blade Suitable for Pencils and Colored Pencils for Use in Homes, Classrooms and Offices
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  • ★High efficiency of pencil sharpening, pencil core fine and smooth, and no burr on the pen.
  • ★Advanced double-hole design: fast and convenient, designed with double holes for electric sharpeners, you can cut standard or colored pencils on the corresponding holes (6-8mm or 9-12mm).When using, insert the pencil vertically into the hole and apply some pressure to it, then the pencil sharpener will work automatically.
  • ★Automatic electric pencil sharpener and child safety design: When you press the pencil, the pencil sharpener will start working automatically.After sharpening and loosening the pencil, it will stop working.
  • ★When the electric pencil sharpener works, you don't have to worry about your child being injured.Its shaving entrance will prevent fingers from being inserted, which will protect the child from injury.
  • ★Pencil Sharpener is ideal for artists, students, professionals, engineers, professors, fashion designers and architects.The portable knife sharpener is designed to provide a simpler and more perfect experience for people who paint, write and color.


According to the type of the refill, adjust the thickness, then turn the handle clockwise, shake a few turns, stop after idling, and the pencil is finished.

Shell material: ABS

color: black

Style: electric pencil sharpener

Note: Please read the instructions carefully. Please use the child's care under the guidance of the guardian. Please pay attention to the safety.

Children should be used under the supervision of an adult. In order to increase the wear rate of the blade by the continuous heat of the knife set, please cut a pen and pause for a while before cutting a pen.

Due to the difference in light, the computer monitor is different, there will be some color difference in the product, please refer to the actual object received.

All products are measured by hand and there is a certain error, the error size is about 1-2 cm. Please refer to the actual object received.

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