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Rechargeable Electric Pencil Sharpener for Children, Alloy Spiral Blade Smart Sharpen Knife Sharpener Pencils, Shutdown Automatically
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  • ★1.Product overview: This electric pencil sharpener set includes a pencil sharpener * 1 + a charging adapter * 1. The lower part has 4 non-slip silicone pads and a built-in lithium battery: it can be charged in 1 hour, shave 300 times and can sketch outside. Not afraid of electricity.
  • ★2.Function introduction: Sharpening of the pencil stops immediately, thus avoiding wastage of the pencil. It is suitable for pencils with a diameter of 6 to 8 mm and can be sharpened quickly and smoothly. Such as # 2 pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, etc.
  • ★3.Pressurized start: press the pencil into the hole and press the machine to start the machine. 3S quick pencil sharpener, automatic sharpening machine, avoid waste, double barrel of large capacity waste, round and smooth, can be used for balls / color lead / charcoal.
  • ★4.Automatic cable arrangement: automatic cable arrangement during the wire cutting process, easy to use, no need to worry about the credit card machine or maintenance. Overheating protection: the machine will stop working in case of overheating (can be used after cooling)
  • ★5.100% satisfaction guarantee: We think you will be satisfied with our electric pencil sharpener. If you are not satisfied, please contact us, we will provide you with fast and efficient service.

Product description

Hi, dear friend, welcome to my store.
Why choose our electric pliers?
As a reliable seller, we are committed to providing 100% satisfactory products and services. If you have any questions, please contact us.
When painting, you will find that it takes time to correct the pencil.
When you sharpen a pencil, you will find that the core wire is cut again.
When you need a sharpener, you will find it damaged.
Just now! do not disturb!
Because our electric pencil sharpener will help you solve these problems completely!
Material: ABS plastic, alloy
Size: 12*5 (cm)/4.7*2 (inch)
Net weight: 0.3KG
Pencil sharpener + USB cable;

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