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Electric Pencil Sharpener Heavy-Duty Helical Steel Blade Pencil Sharpener Electric Heavy Duty for No.2 (6-8Mm) Home and Office
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  • ★Pencil Sharpener: As its tittle suggests, the will accept pencils of differing diameters. Six different diameters, to be exact - 6mm, 8mm, for all your sharpening needs.With this sharpener by your side, you will be hard pressed to find a pencil that it can't sharpen!
  • ★Fast Sharpen:Our high quality helical blade superior to most standard flat blades,fast sharpen in 4 seconds to produce a clean, sharp, consistent point every time.Versatile, fast and efficient, this sharpener is the essential sharpening tool.
  • ★Auto & Safety Features:It will automatically start sharpening when insert a pencil into the shaving entrance.Auto stop when the pencil is sharpened well,which prevents over-sharpening of pencils and reduce waste.For added safety,this sharpener will not function when the shavings tray is removed,which makes this pencil sharpener safe to use.
  • ★Durable for Heavy Use:Powerful enough to sharpen 200 brand new pencils consecutively in only 10 minutes!Best of all, it will produce a very good point on virtually any type of pencil. Performs well with graphite, colored pencils, watercolour pencils, pastel pencils and even charcoal pencils.
  • ★Notice:1.Do not try to sharpen crayons, chalk or waxy pencils because they will clog the cutter. 2. Be sure that shavings box of sharpener is closed before using. )
Safety First
We understand that kids are inquisitive and possess an adventurous mind, so we add a safety feature where if you open the shavings tray, it shuts off the sharpener.

In addition, we use child-friendly and high-quality ABS and PV materials, which will be 100% safe and harmless. We also understand that the sharpener would be used by kids in the classroom, increasing the risk of dropping from heights and shattering, so we took extra care in ensuring that our electric pencil sharpener would not get falled and broken easily, but stand up to extreme wear and tear!

These protection items will effectively protect the use safety of you or your chil

Warm Tips:
Remember to hold the pencil form to counter the rotation whilst sharpening.
Clever safety feature where the unit won't run when shavings container is open.
Following the manual if have trouble to replace the blades.
Batteries are not included in the package.
Please replace the blades if it works too noisy or tearing off of the tips.
Sharp blade. Children must operate with adult supervision only.
Premium Electric Pencil Sharpener, Dual Hole Design for all Types of Pencils!

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